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The program prescribes Saxenda pens

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Your weight loss,
powered by science.

We combine breakthrough GLP1 medication with clinical expertise to shift the most stubborn weight, helping you maintain a happy body and healthy mind.

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Transform your body with a 15% reduction in body weight*
Finally, achieve long-lasting results
Improve your overall health
Be your radiant self, every day

Discover why over 130,000 trust us with their weight loss medication

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Our decades of clinical expertise are condensed into our renu app. Combining revolutionary GLP-1 medication with healthy habits around food, movement and mindset, the renu programme is tailored to your lifestyle with a clinical team available at your fingertips.

Download renu and join the weightcare revolution today.

The Renu programme

Unlike other weightloss methods, Renu is the first programme to combine medication, psychology, movement and nutrition to support all aspects of your weightloss journey.

Ground-breaking scientifically proven GLP-1 weight care medication helps to lower your blood sugar and surpress your appetite so hunger and cravings are reduced.

Medication is prescribed by our UK registered Doctors and dispensed by our UK registered pharmacy.

Our brand new app

Our clinical weightcare specialists have condensed their decades of experience into an easy to use app enabling you to adjust your mindset, food and movement habits

Easy to consume tailored guidance to assist you on your journey

Medication support and dosage management

Automatic re-order reminders

Unique, dietitian-prepared recipes

Progress tracking using an in depth journal

Specialist support from clinical weightloss experts

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Available to all renu weight loss customers for free on iOS and Android.

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Weight management made simple


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Complete the online assessment and our specialist weight loss clinicians will review your eligibility.


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Get access to the Renu program via the dedicated app (available on iOS & Android).


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Receive your medication, start the program and start tracking your progress.

“Not only am I losing weight effortlessly (sticking to a healthy diet), my joints are less painful and my oedema (water retention) all but gone! I am thrilled. It is just a tool, it is not magic you still need to do your part and exercise and eat healthy” ― Kath

Join Kath and our community of over 130,000. Start your weight loss journey today.

Meet your team of weight management experts

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Superintendent Pharmacist

Abdal Alvi

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Dietitian Lead

Laura Perez

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Psychotherapist Lead

Kirsty Harrington

PG Dip
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Fitness Lead

David Morgan

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Aamina Rafiq


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